Orlando Curb Appeal

  • Orlando curb appeal could provide your home or business with a new value, for realtors and sellers looking to gain more for listing price.

The Orlando Curb Appeal Plus Program is designed to assist Realtors and Sellers in getting the best offer for their listings.  We work with Realtors, Sellers, and Banks with one purpose – to get it sold!
This program is unique in that it offers a consult to the seller and the Realtor defining minor improvements that, if completed, will present the house better to buyers, and that is the ultimate purpose of this plan.
The plan is outlined below:

•    The consultation will include a thorough walk through of your home/listing.
•    The examiner will note cosmetic repairs that once repairs will enhance the home/listing to buyers.
•    An itemized checklist will be emailed to the Realtor and the seller within 24 hours of the consult.
•    Cleaning and repairs can typically be scheduled within 3 – 5 business days.
•    ComRes will credit initial charge of $49.95 to any repair charges over $300.
•    All work will be performed by individuals with workman’s compensation and insurance.
•    Professional service with professional results.
•    Satisfaction guaranteed.

All of this for only $49.95!  Call today.